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M.A.S.R.O. was created for the advancement of education. The organization provides a means to disseminate, share, advise and coordinate information on the value of qualified law enforcement officers to instruct and be assigned to primary and secondary schools.M.A.S.R.O. welcomes both Active and Associate members.  

Active Members-

  • Employed by a Maryland Law Enforcement Agency as a School Resource Officer

  • Employed by a Maryland School District as an Administrator with an active School Resource Officer Program. 

  • A Member of a Law Enforcement Agency involved in developing and encouraging School Resource Officer programs.

  • An employee of a Maryland School System or Maryland Police Agency who is actively involved in the training of School Resource Officers.


  • Associate Member-

  • Persons who do not meet the requirements for active membership are otherwise connected to a Maryland Police Agency, a Maryland School District, or a law-related organization.

Membership Application
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